Enquiries about the COVID vaccination programme

  • Over recent weeks the demand for our services has increased significantly, twice becoming unmanageable causing us to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our website to new clinical enquiries.
  • All requests are processed according to clinical need, so we may take a few days to respond, to website requests and to those made by phone; once you have received our acknowledgement please do not call or message us to follow up your enquiry. We will respond as quickly as our resources allow.

We are receiving a significant number of enquiries about the COVID vaccination programme; this is a massive campaign which we are not directly managing. Information is readily available at Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – NHS (www.nhs.uk). Can we ask you to check that website, and only contact us if your question is not answered there; we seldom have any information beyond that which is available publicly.

This is a very significant extra workload for the NHS and is being rolled out very quickly and efficiently, within the Government’s guidelines; Please be patient, you will be called when you are eligible for the vaccine. We cannot accelerate the process.

Can we suggest some other services general health concerns:

  • Local pharmacists can often help with minor illnesses
  • NHS111, by phone or online, are also available for health advice, including access to face-to-face consultations if necessary
    NHS111 is also the most appropriate service for injuries
  • LIVI offer video appointments, and have full access to you medical record: Livi – See a GP by video in minutes.

We are asking for our patients’ support, so that we can in turn ensure that we are using our resources to help the patients most in need.

Thank you

Catherine Makepeace
Business Manager